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                                   LOSING WATER


Should your pool water level drop, you should know that it is normal (especially during our dry season) to lose 2" to 2 1/2" of water per week to evaporation.  For those of you that have pool heaters, elevated temperatures can also cause increased evaporation. 


For those of you who are located directly on the water, accelerated evaporation may also occur.  You should add water to the pool whenever it is needed. 


If you go out of town for any length of time, you should notify your mainenance service company so that they add when, when necessary.   A timer for the water hose is an absolute must and can be provided at a nominal cost.



                          Pool Motor


If, at any time, your pool motor makes a loud noise, it could be due to several things -- the most common being that the water level in the pool is too low or the bearings in your motor may be shot or on their way out.  If this happens, turn your equipment off at the breaker and contact your pool maintenance company.



Please remember that we are not in the business of preventing algae - no one can!  We live in a climate that induces algae and bacteria growth.  It is simply the nature of our southwest Florida climate.  We are, however, in the business of controlling algae.


Please keep in mind that during the rainy season, all the extra water going into your pool causes dilution of the chemicals that can result in your pool turning green before the next service day.  Also, there are numerous forms of algae that can develop, depending on your location, which may require algaecides or special treatments.  If this happens, please notify your pool maintenance company. 




If a tropical storm or hurricane passes through our area, our service technicians will be attempting to reach every customer that we have as soon as safety permits.  


Do not drain the pool in case of hurricane warnings.  Simply let it overflow.  A pool empty of water can cause the shell to "pop" out of the ground.



Following these simple guidelines will create a better swimming environment for you and your family:


1.  Keep plants and shrubs trimmed away from the swimming pool and pool equipment as they  can contaminate the pool water and can cause corrosion to the equiipment.


2.  Keep sprinklers from blowing into the pool to avoid contamination.


3.  Maintain adequate water level in pool. 


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